Standards and Accreditation

Arrow Packaging

Standards and Accreditation’s

Arrow Packaging is committed to producing packing that is safe, of the highest quality, and fit for purpose for applications within the food and non-food industries. In this regard, we aim to provide assurance to our customers that we take food safety seriously and maintain well managed programs to achieve this.


We are compliant and accredited to Codex HACCP, an internationally recognised standard at the forefront of identifying and managing food safety risks. HACCP forms a central part of our Management Systems and processes, and all products manufactured adhere to a robust Quality Assurance Management program and quality control testing, as we aim to deliver functional and safe product to our customers.

AS 2070.6-1999
Product manufactured at Arrow Packaging are also compliant to
AS 2070.6-1999, Australian Standard, Plastics materials for food contact use.

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